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Breakdown of Romans Chapter One.

Verse 1-7: In these verses, Paul introduces himself as the writer of this letter, greets the Roman Christians, and expresses his desire to visit them.

Verse 8-15: Paul explains his eagerness to preach the gospel in Rome and strengthen the believers' faith there.

Verse 16-17: Paul declares that the gospel is the power of God for Salvation to everyone who believes, regardless of whether they are Jews or Gentiles, and that it reveals the righteousness of God that comes by faith.

Verse 18-23: Paul begins to address the problem of human sinfulness and the wrath of God against it. He argues that all people have knowledge of God through his creation but have suppressed that knowledge in unrighteousness, resulting in idolatry and moral corruption.

Verse 24-32: Paul continues to describe the depravity of humanity, noting that God has given people over to their sinful desires and allowed them to suffer the consequences of their actions. He lists various sins people commit and emphasizes that they deserve God's judgment.

Overall, Romans Chapter One establishes the theme of the letter: the righteousness of God that comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

Paul emphasizes that all people, both Jews and Gentiles, are under sin and in need of Salvation through faith in Jesus. He also stresses the seriousness of human sinfulness and the wrath of God against it, setting the stage for his later discussion of justification by faith and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform believers.

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