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Beyond the Walls: The Millennium's Last Test.


- Opening Prayer

- Today, we delve into Revelation to understand the end of the Millennium and the challenging question of who resides "outside" the walls of the New Jerusalem, discovering key Spiritual insights for our walk with God.

I. The Millennium: A Time of Peace, But Not Perfection (Revelation 20:1-7)

- Historical-Cultural Context: John's Revelation was given in a time of persecution, providing hope and warning for the future.

- Key Points:

1. Satan is bound for 1,000 years.

2. Christ reigns with resurrected saints.

- Application: The Millennium serves as a temporary restoration of Edenic peace but is not the final state of perfection.

and II. The Deceiver's Last Stand (Revelation 20:7-10)

- Key Points:

1. Satan is released momentarily.

2. He deceives the nations—Gog and Magog.

3. The rebellion is quelled, Satan is defeated.

- Exposition: The text is unclear on who these deceived nations are, but it's crucial to understand that even after experiencing godly rule, some will still choose rebellion.

- Application: Temptation and deception are ongoing battles; we must always be vigilant in our faith.

III. Who Are the People "Outside" the City? (Revelation 22:15)

- Key Points:

1. Those outside are described as sinners and evildoers.

2. These are those who have chosen to live apart from God's ways.

- Exposition: These may or may not be the same people involved in the last rebellion. What is clear is their definitive stance against God.

- Application: Our actions and choices today determine our ultimate destiny; we should strive to walk in the path that leads inside the city walls.

IV. Theological Perspectives

- Comparison of Views:

1. Premillennialism: Literal interpretation.

2. Amillennialism: Symbolic interpretation.

- Application: Regardless of your eschatological view, the essence remains that God is in control and will ultimately triumph over evil.

#### V. Lessons for Today

- Points for Reflection:

1. Human nature is prone to wander; thus, the need for vigilance.

2. God’s Grace is sufficient, but it should not be taken for granted.

- Application: The assurance of God's final victory should motivate us to live faithfully today.

VI. The Ultimate Victory (Revelation 21:3-4)

- Key Points:

1. God dwells with humanity.

2. All forms of suffering cease.

- Exposition: The overarching narrative of the Bible closes with a return to perfect communion with God, free from sin and suffering.

- Application: This glorious future is our hope and should influence our daily choices and actions.


Summary of Key Points and Applications:

1. **The Millennium:** It's a period of relative peace but not the ultimate state of perfection.

- **Application**: This teaches us to hope but not to be complacent; we're still waiting for the complete restoration of all things.

2. **The Deceiver's Last Stand:** Satan will finally attempt to deceive humanity.

- **Application**: No matter how far we think we've come spiritually, we must always be guarded against temptation and deception.

3. **Who's Outside the City?:** There will be those who ultimately reject God's Grace.

- **Application**: Your daily choices matter. Strive to walk faithfully with God so you find yourself inside the city walls in the end.

4. **Theological Perspectives:** Different interpretations exist, but the essence remains: God is in control and will triumph.

- **Application**: Hold onto your eschatological views lightly and trust God's sovereignty tightly.

5. **The Ultimate Victory:** God will dwell with humanity, and all forms of suffering will cease.

- **Application**: This future hope should fuel your present faithfulness.

Final Exhortation:

Brothers and sisters, let us live in eager anticipation of that glorious Day when we will see God face to face. As we await that Day, may we abide deeply in Christ and His word, vigilant against the enemy's snares, and faithful in our walk with God.

Closing Prayer:

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the sure promise of Your ultimate victory over sin and death. As we ponder the mysteries of the end times, help us to live today in the light of that coming Day. Strengthen us to abide in Christ and Your Word, that we may resist temptation and walk faithfully with You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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