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A Poem based on the parable of the Prodigal Son.

In a land of plenty, long ago,

Two brothers lived, in love and woe.

The younger yearned to roam and wander,

His heart filled with untamed wonder.

"Father, grant me now my share,

To see the world, breathe different air."

The father, wise, but filled with sorrow,

Divided wealth, fearing no morrow.

Off the son went, embracing the new,

His fortune squandered, his morals askew.

He reveled in excess, basking in sin,

Unaware of the storm that brewed within.

A famine struck, the land turned gray,

And the prodigal son found no place to stay.

His friends, they fled; his riches, gone,

He sought refuge among pigs and scorn.

Feasting on husks, his spirit cried,

Recalling the home he had once defied.

"I have sinned against Heaven and thee,

Father, I beg, have mercy on me."

He journeyed back, heart heavy with shame,

And from afar, his father came.

With open arms and tears that glistened,

"My son was lost, but now he's risen."

The elder brother, stern and true,

Beheld the scene with a darkened view.

"How can this be, my father dear,

I've served you always, year by year."

"My son," the father spoke so wise,

"You've been with me, 'neath the same skies.

But your brother, he was lost, now found,

Rejoice with us, let love abound."

A tale of grace and mercy old,

The Prodigal Son's story, forever told.

Forgiveness sought, and love restored,

A father's heart, forever poured.

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