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A Poem based on Proverbs 27:9.

"Oil and perfume make the heart glad,

and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel."

Like fragrant oils and perfumes rare,

That soothe and calm with scented air,

A true friend's counsel brings relief,

In times of doubt and pain and grief.

Their words an ointment to the soul,

A balm that makes the broken whole,

Their sweetness like a healing balm,

That brings a sense of soothing calm.

When life is tough and trials weigh,

And we can't seem to find our way,

A friend's advice can light the path,

And guide us to a better path.

So let us cherish those we love,

And seek their counsel from above,

For in their wisdom we will find,

A balm that heals the heart and mind.

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