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12-Step Poem to Strengthen Your Marriage

When marriage strife does make you snore,

12 Biblical principles have much to explore.

The path of righteousness is paved with love,

Hear what scripture has to say from above.

First: Forgive those who've wronged you and your spouse,

Practice peace and joy in a holy house.

Second: Respect your partner for who they are,

For without respect, a marriage can't go far.

Third: Take time to connect and share your heart,

It's in talking that connection does start.

Fourth: Stay humble, it's not about who's right or wrong,

It's in humility that your marriage can become strong.

Fifth: Pray and study the Bible, together or apart,

The Word of God is the anchor for your heart.

Sixth: Serve each other without any strings attached,

This not only strengthens but makes you both match-matched.

Seventh: Love one another with all your might,

Rather than giving love in the dark of night.

Eighth: Put God first in everything that you do,

It's through Him that'll come renewal for me and for you.

Ninth: Acceptance has to be present in a marriage,

It's a bond that can't be severed through any damage.

Tenth: Give an ear to listen but also a shoulder to cry on,

In that way your spouse will never feel alone.

Eleventh: Talk about finances and where your money goes,

This will help you together understand and grow.

Twelfth: Celebrate your blessings, even small,

It's in joy that your marriage will stand tall.

These 12 Biblical Principles will help you restore,

Your relationship with your spouse to be ever more.

By following these truths, together you'll soar,

To a place where your marriage is solid and more.

May God bless you always, now and forevermore!

A blessed union through Him to explore.

This poem was written with wit and love,

In following these principles you will rise above.

​The Lord's wisdom has the power to heal,

Make sure to seek Him and His will reveal.


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