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When My Faith Is Challenged.

Hi, please indulge me for a couple of minutes. Over the years, many have made fun of my Christianity, challenged my Faith, or tried to embarrass me publicly.

This is my standard "go to" line; "make me a better offer than the one I have, and I will give up my Faith and follow yours." (Note: Don't try this unless your feet are Standing and Grounded on The Rock, Christ Jesus!)

From there, I listen to what they have to say, and for the most part, it usually takes less than a minute.

And then, there are those dedicated to their Religion (some even cultish-like). I give them all the time they need, then ask them a few simple, basic 101 Christian questions; I have yet to be willing to walk away from Christianity because I was offered a "better" or "different" gospel than the one I, already, have in Christ Jesus. Nor will I ever!

Finally, I have listed a "few" alternative beliefs (other gospels) below to give a reference and brief description of a few of these offers on the Eternal Life choices menu....... Choose wisely!

1. Reincarnation: The belief that a person's soul, upon death, is reborn into another form and lives again in this cycle of birth and death.

2. Parinirvana: A Buddhist concept meaning freedom from the cycle of rebirth through an awakening to the ultimate reality or truth.

3. Heaven: In many religious traditions, heaven is believed to be where gods and angels reside, and virtuous people go after death for eternal reward and blissful existence.

4. Hell: According to some religious beliefs, a hell is a place of punishment for those who have done wrong in life; it is generally seen as a fiery place with suffering for all eternity.

5. Liberation (Moksha): A Hindu belief that an individual can be liberated from the cycle of rebirth through enlightenment, self-realization, and knowledge.

6. Oblivion: The absence of all consciousness; a state in which one does not exist or is unaware of any form of existence.

7. Annihilationism: The belief that souls cease to exist at death rather than existing eternally in some form or another.

8. Quantum Immortality: Proposed by some physicists, it suggests that quantum events can create multiple universes in which every possible outcome occurs, meaning that a person will always experience eternity within one universe due to their immortality in others.

9. Transmigration of the Soul: Metempsychosis is a belief that the soul can be reborn into another physical form or even an animal, depending on karma in this life.

10. Gehenna: The lake of fire from the Biblical book of Revelation is believed to be where sinners will suffer for all eternity after the Last Judgment.

11. Nirvana: The ultimate goal of Buddhism; is a state of perfect peace and freedom from suffering, in which the individual is released from the cycle of rebirth.

12. Eternal Recurrence: A philosophical concept proposed by Friedrich Nietzsche, in which every moment experienced will be repeated infinite times across eternity.

13. Tantra: A Hindu practice that involves spiritual transformation through methods such as yoga and rituals, with the ultimate goal being liberation from samsara (the cycle of birth and death).

14. Apotheosis: In some cultures, apotheosis refers to divine status achieved by a mortal upon death or, in rare cases, during life; it grants them immortality within their culture's pantheon of gods.

15. Judgment: In some religions, it is believed that a person's soul will be judged after death against their actions in life, determining whether they receive reward or punishment for eternity.

16. Utopia: A social and political concept where all people live in a perfect state of equality and harmony; Utopian societies could potentially achieve eternal existence, but there is no guarantee of such a thing occurring.

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