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The Famine of God's Word: Amos 8:11-12

Title: The Famine of God's Word: Amos 8:11-12


  • Briefly introduce the context of Amos' prophecy

  • Explain the concept of spiritual famine

I. The Prophetic Warning:

Amos 8:11 A. The nature of the famine

B. Not a physical hunger or thirst,

2. A spiritual need for God's Word

B. The cause of the famine

1. God's judgment on His people

2. The consequences of turning away from God

II. The Desperate Search: Amos 8:12

A. People seek God's Word

1 and go to and fro, searching in desperation

2. The realization of their spiritual need

B. The unavailability of God's Word

1. The consequence of rejecting God's Word

2. The emptiness and confusion from the lack of Spiritual Guidance

III. The Relevance for Today's Church

A. The importance of cherishing God's Word

1. The Bible as our source of spiritual nourishment

2. The danger of neglecting or distorting God's Word

B. The consequences of spiritual famine

1. The impact on individuals and the church

2. The need for repentance and revival

IV. Responding to the Message of Amos

A. Heeding the warning

1. Examining our relationship with God and His Word

2. Recognizing the signs of spiritual famine in our lives and communities

B. Seeking and sharing God's Word

1. Studying, meditating, and applying Scripture in our lives

2. Encouraging and equipping others to know and share God's Word


  • Reiterate the importance of maintaining a vibrant relationship with God through His Word.

  • Challenge the congregation to take action and prevent Spiritual famine in their lives and the lives of those around them.

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