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Some Quotes From My Life's Journey.

1. Military Service and Faith:

- "Just as a soldier stands guard, vigilant in the silence of a North Dakota night, so must we guard our hearts with prayer, vigilant in faith, knowing that the greatest victories are often won in the quietest moments with God."

2. Logging and Personal Growth:

- "In the forests of Oregon, a logger knows that the tallest trees once started as small saplings. Similarly, from the seeds of faith planted in our hearts, our Spiritual growth reaches heavenward, nurtured by the light of God's Word and the waters of His love."

3. Trucking and Life's Journey:

- "Life's journey, much like the long roads traversed by an over-the-road trucker, is filled with unexpected turns and diverse landscapes. Yet, we navigate each mile with purpose and hope with the Bible as our roadmap and Christ at the wheel."

4. Recovery and Redemption:

- "Recovery is a journey not unlike the walk to Emmaus - a path where Christ meets us in our doubts and fears, walks with us through our struggles, and reveals His presence in the breaking of bread and the mending of hearts."

5. Cancer Survivor and Resilience:

- "Surviving cancer is a testament to the strength God instills in us - a strength like a lighthouse standing firm against the raging seas, shining God's hope and resilience in the darkest of storms."

6. Pastoral Leadership and Guidance:

- "A pastor's heart, seasoned by diverse experiences and deepened by trials, becomes a wellspring of wisdom, much like the confluence of rivers in the Montana valleys, offering refreshing insights and guiding others to the waters of spiritual truth."

7. Military Discipline and Spiritual Growth:

- "The discipline learned in the military, where every detail matters, mirrors our Spiritual walk. In the kingdom of God, every prayer, every act of kindness, every step in faith contributes to a larger purpose, much like the meticulous efforts of a Security Specialist ensuring safety and order."

8. Family and God's Love:

- "Family, with its tapestry of relationships - from children to grandchildren, and even a great-grandson - reflects the manifold love of God. Each bond, unique and precious, teaches us more about His unconditional love, just as every leaf in an Oregon forest reveals the endless creativity of the Creator."

9. Pastoral Counseling and Healing:

- "Just as Jesus spoke peace to the stormy seas, a pastor's words in counseling bring peace to troubled hearts. With wisdom gleaned from Scripture and Life, each counsel is like a balm from Gilead, soothing wounds and restoring hope."

10. Alcohol Recovery and God's Restoration:

- "Overcoming alcoholism is like emerging from a fierce storm into the calm of God's grace. It's in this new dawn that we discover the true strength of our faith, much like the first rays of an Alabama sun breaking through the dark clouds, reminding us of God's promise of renewal and restoration."

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