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Serving The Savior!

Note: Here is a lengthy (to prove a point) Blog I have published to expose the constant avoidance of applying Biblical Principles by those who reject Christianity.

So, One question, two possible answers, a lot of yada, yada, yada, with a conclusion ending in Secular "double talk." And then? The simple answer, only a Believer will understand. Here goes:

Making hard choices comes with the rugged terrain of growing up. With life pulling us in different directions, sometimes we must make decisions that can impact how we live our lives. One such decision is whether or not to join a gang. It's an age-old question: what do you do when caught between a rock and a hard place? On the one hand, bands provide an alternative family structure with protection, camaraderie, and economic benefits. But that affiliation can also cause violence to ripple through your life, leading to incarceration or even death if measures aren't taken for safety first. In this blog post, I'll explore the implications of choosing between joining a gang or losing out on essential buy/sell privileges—both options are too risky in their own right. Ultimately, I believe a balanced approach to gang affiliation is the key to making it out of this tricky spot.

Understanding the implications and risks is significant in deciding whether to join a gang. Despite the potential benefits like protection and economic gain, Gangs come with many dangers that could put lives at risk, including violence and criminal activity. Additionally, gang affiliation can cause an individual to become part of a group that they may not feel comfortable with or agree with the lifestyle choices of its members. This could lead to conflict and uncomfortable situations, leaving one in an even more difficult spot.

Another potential danger is incarceration. Gangs are typically involved in illegal activities, meaning that law enforcement is often on the lookout for those affiliated with them. As a result, they could be arrested and sentenced to a lengthy prison term if caught in criminal activity. This can hurt their prospects—making it even harder to get back on track after being released from jail or prison.

The other option is not joining a gang and facing potential social and economic repercussions. This could mean being cut off from resources, buy/sell opportunities, and other essential privileges available through clubs. However, this also means avoiding the associated risks of gang affiliation.

The best option is to find a middle ground between these two choices. This might mean taking a balanced approach to gang affiliation and engaging with the group without losing sight of personal safety. It could also involve getting involved in activities outside of the gang that can provide social and economic advantages without putting oneself at risk of criminal activity or incarceration.

It all comes down to making a hard choice. No matter what decision you make, there will be risks and rewards that come along with it. The important thing is to be aware of these implications to make the best possible decision for yourself and those around you. Ultimately, this is the only way to come out on top in an otherwise tricky situation. By learning the risks and rewards of both options, you can make the best decision for your future.

Good luck!

Or, join the gang of Christian Disciples and follow Jesus Christ straight into Glory!

Serving The Savior!

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