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Romans 1, The Consequences of Humanity's Deliberate Turn Away from God.

Our world is plagued with wars, conflicts, and moral decay. It is evident that something has gone wrong with humanity, and the answer can be found in Romans chapter one. In this chapter, the apostle Paul highlights the characteristics of people who have deliberately turned away from God. Let's explore the consequences of humanity's deliberate turn away from God and the hope that can be found in restoring our relationship with Him.

The first consequence of humanity's deliberate turn away from God is unrighteousness. According to Paul, unrighteousness results from suppressing the truth about God. Many people have chosen to ignore or reject the truth about God's existence, love, and plan for humanity. As a result, they have embraced false ideologies that promote selfishness, violence, and immorality. This has led to the breakdown of many social institutions, such as the family, marriage, and basic human decency.

The second consequence of humanity's deliberate turn away from God is idolatry. Idolatry is worshipping anything other than God as the ultimate source of satisfaction, security, and hope. People who have turned away from God have replaced Him with false idols, such as money, power, fame, and pleasure. These idols promise to fill the void in our lives that only God can fill, but they only leave us empty and unsatisfied. This leads to a cycle of addiction, despair, and spiritual death.

The third consequence of humanity's deliberate turn away from God is sexual immorality. Paul highlights the fact that when people suppress the truth about God, they also distort the truth about sexuality. Sexual immorality is not just a physical act but also a Spiritual one. It destroys the intimacy and trust between a man and a woman in marriage. It also devalues human life, promotes objectification, and leads to a host of physical and emotional problems.

The fourth consequence of humanity's deliberate turn away from God is a depraved mind. Paul describes a reprobate mind as a mind that is incapable of discerning right from wrong. When people reject God, they lose their moral compass and become susceptible to all kinds of evil. They no longer clearly understand what is true, good, or beautiful. This leads to confusion, relativism, and nihilism, believing that all values are baseless and nothing can be known or communicated.


The consequences of humanity's deliberate turn away from God are dire. However, there is hope. God has made a way for us to be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ. We can be forgiven and receive eternal life by repenting and trusting Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross.

As we turn back to God, we can also experience the restoration of our relationships, our morality, and our minds. Let us heed the warning in Romans chapter one and choose to follow God wholeheartedly.

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