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Morning Prayer, 05/17/2023

Dear Heavenly Father, With humble hearts, we come before You this morning, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, acknowledging Your divine sovereignty over this land we call America. We give You thanks for the countless blessings You've bestowed upon our nation, and we seek Your mercy and grace as we strive to become a nation that truly reflects Your love and righteousness.

Lord, we pray today for a great awakening to the principles found in Your Holy Word. We acknowledge that our nation has strayed from the Biblical foundations that have guided us in the past. We pray that Your truth will illuminate our path, leading us back to the core values of love, justice, compassion, honesty, and humility.

We ask for wisdom and discernment for our leaders so hat Your will may guide them in all their decisions. May they understand that true leadership comes from service, and that power should be used for the good of all, especially the least among us. May their hearts be attuned to Your Word, embracing Biblical principles as they guide our nation.

Father, we pray for unity in our land. Despite our diverse backgrounds and perspectives, may we recognize that we are all Your children, created in Your image. Help us to embrace our differences and seek common ground, all the while upholding Your truths.

God, we pray for a renewal of Godly morality in our nation. We ask that You convict our hearts, helping us to turn away from selfishness, greed, and injustice. May we instead embrace love, generosity, and fairness. Inspire us to strive for righteousness, to care for the vulnerable, to speak truth in love, and to act with integrity.

Lord, let Your love be our guiding force. May we love our neighbors as ourselves, offering kindness and forgiveness as freely as You have given it to us. Let this love be the foundation of our actions, shaping our attitudes, laws, and societal norms. We ask that You protect our nation, Lord, shielding us from harm and guiding us on the path of peace. May we serve as an example of Your light in the world, reflecting Your love and justice to all nations.

In all things, may we strive to bring glory to Your name. We trust in Your divine providence, knowing You can restore our nation to a place of righteousness and peace.

It is in Your holy and mighty name we pray, in Jesus's Name,


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