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Imagine vs. Scripture (John vs. Jesus).

John Lennon's song "Imagine" calls for a world without religion, borders, and possessions. While some may find his vision of a utopian world appealing, several Biblical scriptures present a different view.

For example, in the Bible, Psalm 33:12 states, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance." This verse suggests that nations that follow God are blessed, which contradicts Lennon's view that a world without borders would be better.

Similarly, the Bible also teaches the importance of possessions and hard work. In 2 Thessalonians 3:10, it says, "For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: 'The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.'" This verse suggests that people should work for their food and possessions, which contradicts Lennon's view that a world without controls would be better.

In conclusion, while John Lennon's vision of a world without religion, borders, and possessions may appeal to some, it does not align with several Biblical teachings. The Bible emphasizes the importance of following God, working hard, and being responsible for possessions.

Note: I trust The Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into ALL truth 🙏

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