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Part 1: What is Baptism as Taught by Jesus

(side note: Baptism IS NOT essential to Salvation. However, it is commanded by Jesus Himself).

Baptism, as taught by Jesus, is an outward sign of an inward commitment and dedication to following the will of God. It is a way to publicly declare that we are willing to sacrifice our faith to honor and glorify His name. But more than just a declaration of faith, baptism also serves as obedience - something Jesus commanded all believers to do. In Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV), He said, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit." We acknowledge our reliance on Christ’s saving grace through baptism and commit ourselves to faithfully serving Him.

Baptism is not just a symbol but a consecration act that carries tremendous Spiritual significance. It unites us with God’s Holy Spirit and washes away all our sins so we may live a new life in Christ. It serves as a reminder of our commitment and dedication to following Jesus' teachings and affirms our allegiance to Him as the Lord of our lives.

Part 2: Are There Consequences for Being Baptized?

Yes, there are consequences for being baptized - both positive and negative. On the positive side, Baptism symbolizes the death of our old self so that we can be reborn as new followers of Christ. It marks the end of our past life and ushers in a new era of faithfulness and devotion to God.

On the negative side, Baptism can also mean severe consequences for those who do not live up to their commitment after Baptism. If we fail to remain faithful to Jesus' teachings and continue to live in sin, then our baptism does not have any actual Spiritual value - it is simply an outward show that has no real power in our lives.

Note: You can be Baptized until every frog in the pond knows you by your 1st Name; it carries the power of Spiritual Significance only if you genuinely mean it.

Part 3: How To Be Baptized

To be baptized, you must be genuinely ready to follow Jesus Christ. You must believe that He is Lord and Savior and accept His teachings as the absolute truth. Once you have made this decision and are ready to begin your new life in Christ, it is time to be baptized.

Most Christian Churches offer Baptism services where you can go and declare Faith before being immersed in water. During the ceremony, the pastor will say blessings over you while they baptize you into the trust. This moment marks the beginning of your Spiritual journey with God and should be taken seriously.

Afterward, we must continue living out our commitment to Jesus by having an active Prayer life and Faithfully living out His teachings daily. As believers, our Baptism symbolizes our willingness to follow Him and our responsibility to remain Faithful in our dedication and loyalty to Him.

This concludes my sermon on Baptism - a symbol of Commitment, Dedication, and Sacrifice that all Christians must make if we truly follow Jesus Christ. May God be with us as we strive to serve Him. Amen.


The Holy Bible, New International Version (NIV). Zondervan, 2018.

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