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A Poem to Help you Survive.

A poem to help you survive,

Life's struggles are no surprise.

But by following these twelve principles,

You can find the strength to rise!

First of all, put God first in your life.

Let Him guide you each and every day.

He will light the path that's right,

So you won't go astray.

Next, be humble and kind in your ways.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Respect those who are above you,

And stay honest when faced with deceit.

Thirdly, never forget that grace abounds.

Remember that you are loved.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing,

It will lift your spirit above.

Fourthly, show kindness to those in need.

Your actions will come back around.

Doing good for others has its reward,

You'll find joy when blessings abound!

Fifthly, serve the Lord faithfully.

Be sure to do your part.

Obey his commandments always,

And follow His loving heart!

Sixthly, stay away from temptation.

If you are tempted by sin, flee!

Take a step back and think things through;

God will help you find your way.

Seventhly, never give up hope.

Be strong and keep your faith alive.

Though it may be hard to wait on Him,

He will restore what's been denied!

Eighthly, forgive quickly and freely.

Let go of anger and strife.

God's love will lift the burden,

So that you can live a life of joy.

Ninthly, be generous with your time.

Share what little you have to give.

You will find contentment in giving back,

And that is how we truly live!

Tenthly, stay focused on God's plan.

Let Him lead you to the right path.

When life becomes overwhelming,

Remember His promises and have faith!

Eleventhly, remember that prayer works.

It is a powerful tool indeed;

Through it we can speak to our Father,

And our worries can be freed.

Twelfthly, have patience and trust.

Leave it all in God's hands.

May He guide you through life's struggles,

So that you can take a stand!

With these twelve principles in mind,

You can have the strength to survive.

Remember them, and trust God's will.

And your life will truly thrive!

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