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A Poem Summarizing the Book of Romans:

In ancient times, a letter was penned, By Paul, to Rome it was sent, A message of hope and grace, To a world lost in sin's embrace.

He spoke of God's wrath and love, And of Christ, who came from above, To save us from eternal death, And give us life beyond our breath.

He urged us to live by faith, And not be bound by the law's wraith, For Christ has set us free indeed, And to His grace, we must concede.

He spoke of our struggles and pains, And how through Christ, we can sustain, For nothing can separate us from His love, Not even death, nor powers above.

He urged us to live in peace, And to love, and to never cease, To do good, and to shun the wrong, For we are all God's children, forever strong.

And so, dear friend, take heed and see, The Book of Romans, a gift to thee, For in its pages, you'll find the way, To live a life, that'll never decay.

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