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A Nation Divided

"Spiritual Wickedness in High Places" is a phrase from the Bible, found in Ephesians 6:12, which says that sometimes the bad things happening around us aren't just because of people making poor choices. Instead, unseen, spiritual forces influence those choices, especially in positions of power or "high places."

Imagine this: Let's say you're playing a video game, and suddenly, it starts glitching, making it super hard to win. It's not just the game characters that are the problem; it's something messed up in the programming behind the scenes that you can't see.

In the same way, sometimes leaders or people who make big decisions are influenced by these "bad" spiritual forces, making choices that go against what the Bible teaches is right and good. This can cause a nation to be divided on issues that shouldn't be confusing if everyone followed Biblical Principles.

**Christian Responsibility**

1. **Prayer**: The first step is always to pray. Like a firefighter puts water on a fire, our prayers can help "put out" the bad spiritual influences.

2. **Know the Word**: If you know what the Bible says, you can quickly tell right from wrong. It's like having the answers for a test!

3. **Speak Up**: If you see something that's not right, it's okay to say something about it. But always remember to do it kindly and respectfully, just like Jesus would.

4. **Be a Good Example**: Sometimes, the best way to fight against bad stuff is to be extra good yourself. When people see you making good choices, they might want to do the same.

5. **Seek Guidance**: If you're not sure what to do, talk to someone who's wiser and understands the Bible—a parent, pastor, or a trusted adult.

6. **Love**: Don't forget, even the people making bad choices can be forgiven. We should still love them, even if we disagree with them.

So, just like a superhero has responsibilities to help people, Christians fight against these spiritual "bad guys" through prayer, kindness, and standing up for what's right, according to the Bible.

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